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Estate in Surrey

Following the purchase of additional land adjoining their estate, Illman Young were commissioned to design a series of ornamental gardens and seating areas to provide additional ‘pleasure grounds’ for a client and their family.
  • Site area of 3.5ha consisted of a number of existing mature Oak trees, with areas of mixed and Birch woodland providing a variety of spatial qualities, and structure for the designs
  • Series of walks were created linking back to existing estate grounds with ‘interventions’ along the way to provide picnic and seating areas
  • Range of spaces created from formal gardens as transition from existing estate, through to intimate woodland walks
  • Water features were proposed as highlights, with naturalistic streams through to formal pools and fountains
  • Provision of a range of seating opportunities to cater for large family groups or stopping points for elderly along paths
  • Planting proposals key to integrate the new terraces and features into the existing landscape; seasonal consideration important as estate used primarily as a summer residence