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Lymington New Forest Hospital

At the New Forest Community Hospital in Lymington the site was designed not only to create a variety of spaces meeting the technical requirements of the site, but also to meet the therapeutic needs of users. Illman Young were engaged to assist in gaining planning permission and provide full construction drawings for all external works.
  • Planting was used to provide structure to site, creating both interesting views out from the wards, and within the site, along with enhancing privacy, with ornamental planting buffering the building
  • Large circular lawn provides area for passive and active recreation with existing veteran trees as focal points
  • In line with best practice on SuDS, flood and storm water attenuation integrated within plan
  • Seven courtyards within the building were designed to create a restful environment in contrast to the internal clinical atmosphere, which also reinforces the indoor / outdoor relationship.
Winner of ‘Best Primary and Community Care Design’, Building Better Healthcare award
Shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award