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Retrofitting Glasgow

Illman Young worked with CH2M for Glasgow City Council to combine our SuDS and urban design skills for retrofitting three areas in Glasgow: Croftfoot, Kingspark and Drumchapel. These areas were identified as having a high risk of flooding, and the team were engaged to produce Surface Water Management Plans (SWMP) for each of the areas, and to look at opportunities to deal with the surface water run-off before it reached the drainage network.
  • Current flooding issues and existing flow routes were examined, gullies identified and suitable locations for interventions identified
  • Different SuDS components were suggested for different street typologies, ranging from bioretention ‘build-outs’ and permeable paving locations within the highway to down spout disconnections and rain gardens in private properties. Opportunities for larger storage areas also examined within schools and public open spaces
  • Consultation material was produced for open public stakeholder engagement sessions, to clearly explain the need for the SWMP and the other benefits that the SuDS proposals would bring. Sketch plans and sections were produced to show details of the proposed SuDS features as well as precedent examples of how the components would look and could be integrated into the existing streetscape / properties to provide greener more sustainable streets and spaces.  Detailed feedback was received from residents which informed the development at the next stage.