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Forest Hill Pool

An existing disused pool Hall in South East London was subject to extensive redevelopment by wrapping new build leisure facilities around the retained Victorian frontage.  Positioned on a busy street with mixed residential and commercial use, but neglected green space adjacent, the landscape proposals sought to create a sense of space for the new development through:
  • Creation of a new ‘boulevard’ pedestrian link, separated from the adjacent busy road, positively utilising changes in level and planting
  • Visually opening out the existing pocket park, to create a new usable greenspace associated with the sports hall and accessed from new boulevard
  • Selection of a materials palette sympathetic to both the historic façade retained and new contemporary extension
  • New tree avenues used to frame views towards building along boulevard and provide buffer to traffic on street below. Mix of shrubs and ornamental grasses to provide year round interest within the ornamental planting scheme