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Dursley Market Place

The Market Place, is situated in the town centre of Dursley, Gloucestershire. Before regeneration the square was dominated by vehicular use and its worn and tired looking surfacing material, which did not provide an appropriate setting for the historic market hall or listed Jacobs House.
  • Illman Young appointed by Stroud District Council to produce detailed designs and working drawings for Market Place and adjacent to Jacobs House
  • Transformation of the area around the Market Place was desired, to create a shared surface of quality paving providing greater prominence to the historic buildings whilst allowing the space to read as a cohesive area. Emphasis was placed on pedestrian rather than vehicular movement creating a vibrant focal space at the end of the High Street, available for a wide variety of community uses
  • Materials strategy used to unify the spaces with new York Stone paving around the historic buildings, large scale pavers with sett banding to define pedestrian areas and small sett paving to define vehicular areas
  • Options were developed for the Public consultation to ensure community engagement with the project. Selection of street furniture, and paving materials was part of the consultation process. Detailed consultation was also undertaken with the highways engineers to ensure that construction depths, proposed signage and new kerb lines were acceptable