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Hasmonean School

Layout1-A1 PORTRAIT - Rev
The brief was to provide a new secondary school for boys and girls with an orthodox Jewish ethos; to provide all the necessary external sports and learning facilities compliant to BB103.
The design development of the building location and external landscape proposals was lead by the topography of the site and aspiration to retain as much of the existing vegetation and mature trees as possible.
The strict religious philosophy that boys and girls must not see each other during the school day has had a direct impact on the design of the facilities. The site can be seen as two distinct zones; girls to the west, boys to the east, with combined staff and visitor area in the centre. Full facilities are provided within each zone for the boys and girls, with no shared use during the day.
  • The layout of the sports pitches has been a fundamental consideration in the development of the site layout, to optimise the number of pitches possible
  • An option for a nursery school to the north western corner of the site was designed into the masterplan.
  • In addition to extensive sports facilities, social spaces and habitat areas are provided around the site for use throughout the school day, for both break times and within lessons, to promote ‘Learning Through Landscapes’.
  • SuDS solutions have been developed with a design philosophy of water being visible as much as possible, where it can be used as a feature within the landscape, an educational resource, and a means of increasing the bio-diversity on the site.