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Home Farm

Illman Young were appointed by our client to consider the potential of this large agricultural / equestrian site for residential development; following which we defined a suitable approach to the massing of development parcels on the site.
  • A lighter touch ‘Landscape Appraisal’ was undertaken that considered the current character and massing of the existing farmstead as well as views into and across the site
  • The hydrology of the site was considered at the outset to ensure that suitable space in the right locations was allowed for conveyance and attenuation of storm water; from this, site constraints were established and a development strategy produced
  • The ‘landscape led’ approach was key to giving the proposal credence, as well as providing a sound base to the development of a realistic masterplan for the site. This included siting of development parcels for approximately 300 homes, adequate space for meaningful green infrastructure and mitigation planting, as well as SuDS and biodiversity opportunities
  • Having established the development strategy, Illman Young produced a detailed site layout with the project architects and the scheme submitted to the Council for consideration as a viable site within the Local Plan.